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Sun Apartments is a premium residential address situated at a super prime location just a stone’s throw from the Ferozepur Road. It is the best residential area in Ludhiana to buy luxury flats. It provides exceptional connectivity to the entire city, with the most luxurious hotels, shopping malls & entertainment hubs, hospitals & schools being only a few minutes away. With its sought after location and the best of facilities, it is on of the most desirable address for modern Ludhiana.

“Comfortable and Luxurious Living guaranteed.”

Sun Apartments is a state-of-an-art residential society in Ludhiana which brings you royalistic, contemporary and  residential apartments in ludhiana for your comfortable living. Designed to provide a classy and extravagant, the residential flats are located in the posh area of Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana. Keeping all the factors in mind, Sun Apartments is the hottest destination for the real estate industry of Ludhiana which is located in the heart of the city connected to deluxe hotels, shopping malls, entertainment hubs, hospitals, and schools.

“Your Dream House is just a step away”

Prioritizing the resident’s living and safety, the flats are equipped with all kinds of modern amenities which include CCTV Parking, Video Surveillance Systems, Magnetic Door Lock and Phone, and Gated Residency with guards available 24*7. Apart from this, Sun Apartments is recognized as best residential flats of Ludhiana with all the facilities available in one place for your comfort. If you are searching for a luxurious property in Ludhiana or willing to buy a new house that is beautiful, spacious, voguish, progressive, and dreamy, then Sun Apartments is the place for you. For more information, check out the pictures and contact us for all your queries.

“One-Stop Destination to Luxurious Residential Apartments”

Having the best residential apartments in Ludhiana is not just a status symbol. For many people, luxury means having a safe, comfortable as well as a secure home for their families. We know that status plays a vital role in today’s society but we still look for all sorts of comfort when we think of our way of living.

However, the word “Luxury” is generally misunderstood by most people. The best residential flats in Ludhiana provide a wide range of facilities. At Sun Apartments, when we use the term “Luxury”, it is not only limited to the living style or lavishness. Sun Apartments, the best residential flats of Ludhiana, offers comfort, strong security, and an overall opulence feeling. Let’s have a look at what differs our luxurious residential apartments from others.

  • Space: Space as well as the beauty of the luxury apartment plays an important role in living in luxurious residential flats. For an apartment to be termed as a luxury apartment or villa, it requires to have a 3HBK along with attached dressing rooms and washrooms in each room. No matter how big is a 2 BHK residential apartment, it can’t be termed as a luxury apartment. The interior of a luxury apartment should possess a big hall, a modernized, good looking kitchen, and a well-designed dining space. Having an extra for the servant can be an additional spark to a luxurious residential apartment.
  • Location: Generally, people have a habit of overlooking the location of your chosen residential apartment. Having a huge living space, well-designed modernized rooms, and a strong security facility is not enough to term property to be a luxurious one. It can only be termed as luxury property when it is located in the city or near to any city place. Sun Apartments is situated too close to the Ferozepur road and it is the best residential flats in Ludhiana near Ferozepur road. We offer the best connection all over the city via Ferozepur Road. The special feature of the Sun Apartments is the presence of wide parking space.
  • Smart House Features: A luxury apartment is not considered a luxury by its outer look but the functionality of the apartment. A smart apartment is always boosted by the available technology that could easily adjust ACs, set timers, and also adjust the temperature of different homes of the apartment. A smart apartment would also ensure you enhanced security system. We provide the best residential apartments in Ludhiana that would offer smart house automation for your ultimate luxury experience.
  • High-end Kitchen: Don’t you think that a luxury apartment should have a high-end kitchen? One of the most important features of a luxury residential is a kitchen equipped with top-class appliances. It is one of the decisive features that would affect the decision of buying a house. We, at Sun Apartments, offer the Best residential area in Ludhiana that comes with a kitchen having modular setup, dishwashers, double ovens, etc. that you will not find in any regular house.

To sum it up, Sun Apartments provides the best residential flats in Ludhiana with all these above-mentioned features along with strong security systems. So, it provides the perfect definition of luxurious living without any issues. If you haven’t booked your flat at Sun Apartments, then hurry up! Contact us right now.

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