About Us

Elegance at its True Beauty

Ludhiana is a city that is soaring high when it comes to real estate buildings. As the trend toward a luxurious lifestyle accelerates, residents are not passing up any opportunity to obtain the best.

Sunview Enclave is a ready-to-move GLADA approved colony located in Ayali Kalan, Ludhiana, that offers premium residency. This residential colony is sprawled over 84 acres of land that transforms everything from the way people live in their homes to the definition of a new concept of functional elegance. It has become an alternative housing destination for those who prefer peace over chaos and tranquility over anarchy.

The homes and villas present in this residential colony stroke your senses, soothing you into undreamt desires.  Sunview Enclave’s architecture is mainly in “European style,” making it a one-of-a-kind residential township. The exclusive tailor-made homes of this residential colony in Ludhiana offer a rich lifestyle to the residents that they had only dreamed of. From beautiful green fields to the lavishing rooms, every material proposal has been carefully chosen to give the residents what they desire.

Delivered Projects

We have successfully combined business excellence with social commitment, resulting in the completion of the projects listed below.

  1. Sun Apartments- Sun Apartments is a cutting-edge residential society in Ludhiana that offers royalistic, contemporary, and unflinching residential apartments. These residential apartments are located in the posh area of Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana, and are designed to provide a classy and extravagant environment. Moreover, they are located in the heart of the city which makes them connect to the various sectors of the society including hospitals, schools, shopping malls, hotels, grocery markets, etc.
  2. Sunview Enclave has set unwavering benchmarks which have made it the finest residential township.Sunview is a lush green neighborhood that encompasses an entire world with its planned modern amenities that are imbibed with quality, grandeur, and functional efficacy.

Our Vision

  • Our client-service philosophy revolves around the client’s needs, with satisfaction being the cornerstone of everything we do. 
  • Our goal is to listen to your needs and requirements, respond and react quickly, and bring you projects that are a combination of both arts and function.
  • To make a significant impact on dwellers’ lives by providing them ease and competency in every sphere of their lives. 

Our Mission

  • We make every effort to construct beautiful, one-of-a-kind properties with impeccable engineering and furnish them to the highest standards in accordance with your preferences and expectations.
  • We focus on providing superior customer service while combining the entrepreneurial flair and bespoke service of a rapidly growing real estate company.
  • To represent the highest real estate quality standards in terms of both planning and executing ambitious projects and providing our clients with the very best in urban luxury.