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The green spaces comprise of an ultra modern club house, Cosmo Club, with outdoor sports facilities like badminton courts, volleyball court, basket ball court, kid play areas like tot lots and social activity areas as swimming pool and outdoor seating areas.

In addition to all above spaces for indoor social activities and fitness areas such as health club, gymnasium, besides recreational sections like banquet hall, play rooms, all become an integral part of the development to add value.

If you have any plan to buy residential plots in Ludhiana, Sunview Enclave is best residential area in Ludhiana with premium luxury villas approved by PUDA/GLADA
Cosmopolitan Club of Sunview Enclave is exclusively designed for the resident’s enjoyment and leisure. The wide area of the club is divided so beautifully and skillfully that residents can spend their time indoors and outdoor. Have a look at how Sunview Enclave has given you a scope of enjoying your recess in the cosmopolitan club situated within the residential colony.
  • Banquet: The reception area has been ideally designed so that residents can arrange parties whenever they wish. The interior of the banquet is such designed for residents with the scope of arranging all sorts of parties and enjoyments within the complex. The reception ground has increased the utility of cosmopolitan club to such a great extent that the residents are unwilling to go anywhere else to organize a party with their respected guests.
  • Coffee Shop: Your love for coffee will be satisfied with the yummiest coffee made available at Cosmo’s Coffee Shop. Coffee is prepared with great care so that residents get energized with every sip.
  • Gymnasium: The fitness issue of the residents has been given priority with the inclusion of a gymnasium. You will get all modern equipment in the gymnasium and a personal trainer for guidance at every step.
  • Swimming Pool: Sunview Enclave brings you an all-weather swimming pool for the residents. You can have a casual pool party and a get-together at the sitting area designed beside the pool.
  • Playing Arena: At the cosmopolitan club of Sunview Enclave, you will get different types of indoor as well as outdoor games for kids as well as adults. Table Tennis, Billiards, Chess, Carrom and Cycling- whatever you wish you can find it here. Various rides and swings are also placed for children so that they can spend their evening with their friends living in this complex.

Now get entertained every day at the cosmopolitan club of Sunview Enclave. While at Sunview Enclave, you will enjoy every bit of your life at Cosmo, the club inside this best residential area in Ludhiana. Make your days more exciting by spending your leisure time at Cosmo. You don’t have to go outside for recreational activities as Sunview Enclave has catered to all your needs at Cosmo. For your complete enjoyment and well-being, we have arranged all possible ways. Now get everything under one roof at Cosmo.

A cosmopolitan club to satisfy your passion

Sunview Enclave has utilized a great place to provide the residents with a better chance for enjoyment. While staying at best luxury villas in Ludhiana situated in the best posh area of Ludhiana people naturally desire for getting exposed to various forms of entertainment and recreational activities. So, Sunview Enclave has established Cosmo with all modern facilities so that the residents do not have to go outside. If you come to the club, you would get introduced to other residents of Sunview Enclave and would spend a nice time together. It is the perfect place to spend leisure time with new activities. Is that all? Explore more at Cosmo.

  • It’s time to enjoy your favorite type of coffee at Cosmo’s coffee shop with your family and friends. Have an enjoyable time with you near and dear ones at Cosmo’s coffee shop.
  • Passionate about swimming? Now enjoy your morning and afternoon at the swimming pool. A hygienic method is followed to change the water from time to time to prevent diseases.
  • Explore all the areas of Sunview Enclave with cycles and electric cart. All these are available at Cosmo so that residents can view all the parts of Sunview Enclave without walking a long distance. They can spend their time roaming amidst the greenery.
  • The sight of greenery may not be available at a club outside Sunview Enclave. However, the developers of Sunview Enclave have left ample green spaces inside it so that residents can breathe in the fresh air.
  • Are you a health-conscious person? Now maintain sound health at Cosmo’s gymnasium. Come here every morning to do all essential exercises as per the guidance of experienced trainers. Stay healthy and live a safe life keeping away diseases.
  • Spend your time with your favorite indoor games. Tell your children how to play different indoor games to increase their interest in various indoor games. They may not like staying at home continuously. At Cosmo, they will have friends from their ages and play together.

Have a nice time at Cosmo while being in the best posh area of Ludhiana.

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