Cosmopolitan Club

A perfect residential enclave comprises all the big and small things. The emphasis is always on the facilities to improve the lives of the residents. The residential complexes’ main aim is to bring vibrancy along with luxury by adding modern amenities like clubhouses.

Sunview Enclave’s Cosmopolitan Club is exclusively designed for the enjoyment and relaxation of its residents. This magnificent property comes as an added advantage with many facilities to provide a comfortable living for its residents.

A Reminder to Live a Joyful Life

Generally, it is said that the clubhouse is an opulent facility for the people living in the residential society. But Sunview Enclave feels that a cosmopolitan club is a reminder to live a joyful life.  A clubhouse is, in reality, the center of all leisure activities under one roof.  With a cosmopolitan club as an added advantage, it also allows you to participate in health and fitness activities in addition to recreational activities.

Aside from that, large open spaces are also there in this clubhouse to do some recreational and fitness activities.  Let’s look into  the benefits of the cosmopolitan club located within this residential colony:

  • Enhanced community living– Clubhouses are a fantastic way to meet new people. Because these clubs provide a commonplace for people to gather and participate in activities, they frequently bring people together. The coffee shop placed in this cosmopolitan club proves to be of great use as adults can catch up here with each other while sipping a cup of coffee.

  • World-class gymnasium– Clubhouses play an important role in every modern-style home with their world-class gymnasium. When you want to work out and at the same time do not want to ride outside your luxury residential area, that is where clubhouses come into play.


  • Separate playing area for children– One of the most appealing benefits of the clubhouse is that families may have a much better time with one other in a club where the children are also protected. Yes, this clubhouse offers a safe and convenient environment to the children by providing a separate play area for them. A variety of swings, slides, ropes and even a mini gymnasium are available to keep our children physically and mentally active. There are even more fun rides where they can throw their own parties.

  • Increased social life– A clubhouse in a residential area in Ludhiana is a place that promotes the neighborhood. A place where children can meet their peers their age, seniors can meet and chat the people of their age, elderly people can quadrate, and much more. It takes away people from single life and places them in a community of love and peasants.


  • Self-entertainment– The in-built swimming pool and indoor game section is another way to entertain yourself in this posh villa of Ludhiana. When you don’t want to expose yourself to the sun’s UV rays and don’t want the sun to harm you, you can engage in recreational activities such as table tennis, snooker, chess, and many others.


  • Bicycle riding – One of the most important aspects of the cosmopolitan clubhouse is that we offer residents of Luxury Villas in Ludhiana the option of riding bicycles. They can come and pick up the bicycle you want and go on the riding adventure for as long as they want. 

In the end, Cosmopolitan Clubhouse is one of the best clubhouses in Ludhiana that meet the needs of its residents and provide them all resources related to their entertainment, whether they are children or adults. It offers you both relaxation and entertainment while sitting in your own comfort space.  So, if you need something to drive off your passion and live your life thoroughly, why not relish some time in this posh Cosmopolitan club at Sunview Enclave?