10 Reasons Why Sunview’s Luxury Villas is Best Villas in Ludhiana

Having a beautiful home with a serene garden, exquisite interiors, king-size bedroom, and a heart-warming dining room is a dream every man takes. To bring your dream into reality, Sunview Enclave has introduced ‘Luxury Villas’ concept in the city. With plush interiors, modern amenities, in-house swimming pool, contemporary furniture and interiors, best villas in Ludhiana is a state-of-an-art masterpiece.

Sunview Enclave consists of mansions and best villas in Ludhiana which are fully-furnished and contemporarily designed specially by the renowned architects. In this blog, we will give you 10 reasons why Sunview Enclave’s Villas are perfect ‘Abode of Happiness’ for you and your family?

  1. Heart of the city: Located at Ferozpur Road, Sunview Enclave is one of the promising residential destinations for businessmen and professionals. It is situated in the heart of the city that is why it is already getting recognition as the best residential area in Ludhiana.
  2. Modern Amenities: With real estate business booming in Ludhiana, Sunview Enclave has turned out to be the perfect residential society for the citizens. Equipped with all kinds of modern amenities like Gymnasium, Market, Cosmopolitan Club, Swimming Pool, Parks, and commercial properties, this place is a world of its own.
  3. Fully Air-conditioned: The Luxury Villas and Mansions of Sunview Enclave are the perfect blend of natural habitat and modern living. The villas are furnished with branded gadgets and all the rooms are fully air-conditioned making the residence suitable for all weathers.
  4. Royalistic Interiors: Giving priority to modern living, the interiors of all the best villas in Ludhiana are specifically designed by renowned architects and designers. South City has many residential areas, however, Sunview Enclave is the best and futuristic colony in Ludhiana.
  5. 24/7 Electricity: Understanding the problem of electricity in Ludhiana, this residential property put their focus on curbing this issue for the residents of Ferozpur Road. All the villas have 35KVA Silent Generator which initiates within 10 seconds and lightens the house immediately have solved the dilemma. The enclave is lit 247 with international standard electrical fittings.
  6. In-house Swimming Pool: Feeling hot but cannot go out? Don’t worry, you can dive in your personal swimming pool situated in the backyard of your villa. Yes, that’s right! Sunview Enclave’s mansions and luxury villas are having an in-house swimming pool which is big enough for an intimate pool party as well.
  7. Italian Marble: The flooring of all the mansions are villas are of Italian Marble and Tiles on the walls. They are considered as the best, beautiful, and long-lasting marble which gives longevity to the flooring and keeps it sturdy.
  8. 24*7 Security: Prioritising the security of all the residents, the enclave is under CCTV Surveillance from corner to corner. Even the villas have security glass, 8 cameras and a video-conferencing bell so that residents live peacefully.
  9. High-Tech Elevator: Every villa consists of two floors – Ground Floor and First Floor. To reach the first floor, there is a high-tech elevator installed in the villa and also a beautiful staircase designed for the fit.
  10. Structured Car-Parking: You can easily park 5 cars inside the villa which is having structured car-parking for two-wheelers and four-wheelers. So, next time you worry about parking your vehicles outside your house, book your villa at Sunview Enclave and bid adieu to all your tensions and stresses.

If you are looking for the Best villa in Ludhiana then Sunview Enclave will surely  be the great real estate investment at the top of your list.