Clubhouse: An Addition To Your Luxury Living

Life in a luxurious villa brings a lot of advantages – a well-structured and maintained home, living with a group of like-minded people, and getting access to a lot of rich amenities. All-in-all, one gets a feeling of abundance which is magical in its own way.

To let you experience one such facility, Sunview Enclave – the best residential colony in Ludhiana has come up with another Clubhouse, where all your social, physical, and mental needs will be met.

The Clubhouse at Sunview Enclave Phase II is a perfect communal amenity to enjoy the luxuries of an urban lifestyle.

Here you can relish the healthy and magnificent lifestyle with urban living, expansive views, and opulent amenities. The clubhouse at Sunview Enclave- the best residential colony in Ludhiana is located in the most prestigious region, close to major attractions that will enhance your quality of life.

Here are some of the exotic ways one can use the Clubhouse at the best residential colony in Ludhiana:

●     Modern Pool

Having your pool with a home is having a dream come true for many residents. But getting the choice to live in a luxury villa along with a pool, allows you to switch off for a while and completely unwind at the poolside. The Clubhouse at Sunview Enclave- the best residential colony in Ludhiana will let you take a quick dip to cool off! The pool at the Clubhouse lets you relax after a long day in your daily routine and you won’t have to go anywhere else to relax your mind.

●     Airy Badminton Court

Why go outside in the burning sun to play your favorite sport – badminton, when you can enjoy playing inside the luxurious residential complex! Sunview Enclave’s Clubhouse offers an exhilarating and spacious badminton court with specialized wooden wall finish and flooring. When you think of playing badminton with your friends and family members, you know that the in-house badminton court will prove to be a great advantage and is much better and safer than playing anywhere else. Moreover, the Sunview Enclave is the only colony in Ludhiana that is offering a giant badminton court in the city for you to endeavor your sports goals.

●     Classy Banquet Space

The Clubhouse at Sunview Enclave has a special area where residents can hold events, parties, and gatherings. One can also enjoy quality time and delectable meals with their close ones by hosting dinner parties or any other event. You can also throw a wine tasting event in the Clubhouse in the evenings, and in the winters, you can host a cozy get-together where people can sit near a bonfire and interact with each other. These events encourage you to spend time with your neighbors and get to know them if you have recently moved in.

●     Friendly Squash Court

With the new developments in the amenities offered at luxurious villas, squash court has also entered this list. A squash court is a rich indoor amenity offered by the Clubhouse of Sunview Enclave- the best residential colony of Ludhiana. It is incorporated with the highest standard of safety and security keeping in mind all the ages of residents. Residents can play squash easily inside their rich mansion which will help to improve their overall physical health.

●     Gym

Residents get a huge benefit from having a gym located inside the residential colony as they won’t have to go outside and waste time in travelling. So you can easily pay homage to your body at the Sunview Enclave Clubhouse with the latest gym equipments. Also, one can easily stick to his/her fitness regimen when the gym or fitness arena is close to the place where a person is living.

In conclusion, Sunview Enclave’s Clubhouse is one of the best clubhouses in Ludhiana that meets all the needs of its residents. Whether you want some entertainment or a peaceful area to relax, Sunview Enclave’s Clubhouse located at Phase II is a perfect spot for you to relish everything in one place. We promise to bring a lavish and pleasing lifestyle for our residents and also agree to carry all the services in one place so that you won’t have to step outside every time.