Your One-Stop Destination to Unlimited Entertainment at Sunview Enclave – Best Residential area in Ludhiana

One of the biggest dilemmas people face while choosing a home is how to select an area that is secure, safe, and is perfect for children? If you are also suffering from the same trouble, then Sunview Enclave has the answer for you!

Posh, Luxurious, Elite, Contemporary, and Pragmatic best residential area in Ludhiana, Sunview Enclave can be the perfect for you and your family. Guaranteeing world-class amenities, this residential colony has a one-of-a-kind Cosmopolitan Club House for entertainment purposes.


The ultra-modern clubhouse consists of outdoor as well as indoor entertainment facilities for the overall development and growth of the residents.

Highlights of Cosmo Club:

  1. All-Weather Swimming Area: May it be summers or winters, a dip in the refreshing water never fails to calm the mind and also acts as amazing cardio for the fitness lovers. The all-weather Swimming Pool allows the residents to relax and rejuvenate at any time. An intimate seating area is also set near the pool where people can also have get-togethers, pool parties, events and surprise functions.
  2. Play Ground for Kids: Keeping the kids entertained is one of the challenges every parent face. To their relief, Sunview Enclave Clubhouse has an exclusive playing area specially designed for children of every age. Swings, Slide, Ropes, Mini Gymnasium, and other playful rides are set-up for the children where they can have their mini-parties and play dates.
  3. High-Tech Gymnasium: A sturdy and motivating place for fitness freaks. Sunview’s Gymnasium has everything any gym lover may need. From High-Tech Machinery to Dumbbells to Strength Training Equipments, you will find everything under one roof. Also, there is a full-time certified Gym Trainer and Yoga Trainer for any assistance, Yoga, and Meditation.
  4. Indoor Gaming Area: For those hot and humid days when going out seems like a task, the Cosmo Club has brought a well-maintained, innovative, and stylish indoor gaming area for children and adults. There is table tennis, billiards and snooker table, chess, and other indoor games set in the area.
  5. Luscious Gardens: After a tiring day, a work, walking barefoot on fresh grass, takes the entire stress away. Here at Sunview Enclave, we have put our focus on green spaces, which cover 50% of the society. There are parks and gardens where people can go for walks and have fun amid the freshness.
  6. Bicycles on Hire: One of the exclusive features of the Cosmopolitan Clubhouse is that they provide bicycles to the residents. There is no need to buy or bring your own bikes as the club offers no-cost bicycles to the residents which you can return after usage.

Sunview Enclave’s Cosmpolitan Club is your perfect destination for entertainment as well as for relaxation. Having all the amenities, this club guarantees pleasure to the residents without going out of the society. The clubhouse is also equipped with royal and classy halls where various functions, festivals, and events are held primarily for the residents of Sunview Enclave. All of the above reasons and highlights made the Sunview Enclave best residential area in Ludhiana.