Cosmopolitan Club; Where Leisure Meets Fitness for Our Esteemed Residents

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” and considering your emotions and physical fitness is our duty. To keep your body in good health is our major role. Here at Sunview Enclave – best residential colony in Ludhiana we have come up with Cosmopolitan Club, where leisure meets fitness. This combination will relief you from being bore and let you focus on your health.

The futuristic high style club house provides you with both indoor and outdoor games to enjoy and overall development of your body.



Isn’t it so pleasurable that provision of pool can be utilized in all season types? This facility brings you one step closer to the feel of luxurious lifestyle.  This pool will always serene your mind and will give you peace. Even it also serve as a cardio, the fact which will be loved by the fitness lovers. Moreover, it has a spacious seating zone, where ultimate parties, events, family get-togethers can be organized.


Kids can’t be neglected at any point. It was daring for us to overcome this situation where at the same time kids also have their own entertainment. And our expertise in designing came over this situation and The Sunview Enclave Clubhouse has an especial kid’s zone for the kids of every age. Varieties of swings, slides, ropes and even mini gymnasium to keep our kids physically fit and mentally active. Even many more playful rides are available where they can organize their own parties.


It is so onerous to go out under ultraviolet rays of sun and think about self- entertainment. But our COSMOPOLITAN CLUB has brought you with uncluttered, inventive and voguish indoor game space for every age group of people. Number of games are available for your entertainment like- table – tennis, billiards, snooker table, chess and many more games.


One of the important key factor of cosmopolitan clubhouse is that we provide residents of Luxury Villas in Ludhiana with provision of renting bicycles for riding. Most importantly we don’t have any rental charges and one don’t have to spend their income on buying new bikes.

In conclusion, COSMOPOLITAN CLUBHOUSE – one of the best clubhouse in Ludhiana meets all the demands of their residents and provide all resources related to their entertainment whether it’s a child or an adult. It is a perfect spot for your amusement and relaxation. We guarantee our residents to provide them luxurious and pleasured life. Promise to bring all amenities at one territory without letting you linger out of the colony. Adding more, cosmopolitan club also have lavish and royal hall in which our residents can celebrate and enjoy festivals, traditions and organize parties and family functions. Finally, all mentioned key features makes Sunview Enclave – Best Residential Area in Ludhiana.