Contemporary Amenities Offered at Sunview Enclave – Best Colony in Ludhiana

There are many aspects in the real estate sector that turn any project into a luxury project. People saw the rise of modern designs and green building technology in the past and now luxury home buyers are looking for new amenities being offered in a best colony near South city Ludhiana that will add value and luxury to their lives. Here are some contemporary amenities that are being offered at luxury real estate project in Punjab i.e. Sunview Enclave, Ludhiana.

Integration of Technology & Home Automation

Technology will most likely be the single most important amenity for the residents. Integrated apps allow us to plan social events. App let residents decide as whom to give permission to enter in the gated township. Residents can check and allow visitors and RSVP right on the app, creating an internal eco-system and thus providing added security for the residents. One can control entire house in their luxury villas in Ludhiana with the help of home automation and safely control all the appliances and can manage house security as well.

Clubhouse in Colony

The classic Clubhouse in luxury residential colony is a must feature to have. We offer business lounge, banquet space, indoor playing area and for leisure activities such as a swimming pool and a lush green garden for kids. Living spaces must adapt and expand to every facet of a resident’s life.

Natural Surroundings

As the importance of eco-friendly living is very important, we offer an emerging design trend to have all multiple green parks in the colony connected to their natural surroundings with more immersion in the landscape. Homebuyers are looking to respect and enjoy nature in our colony. These components acting together paint a picture of residential and environmental harmony.

Best Commercial Area

Sunview Enclave is offering commercial properties for those who want to establish their benchmark. Apart from the best colony, Sunview Enclave is offering contemporary, large, and spacious commercial spaces for corporate offices and to those who wish to start or expand their business in Ludhiana by buying Commercial Property in Ludhiana. Some of the commercial properties situated outside of our residential colony are already taken by big names of the business sector like Barista, Indian Bank, reputed MNC and Javed Habib. The commercial buildings are divided into various corporate offices where you can find different ventures from a food outlet to a bank with an aim to make lives easy for the residents. If you are looking for lots of luxury amenities then Sunview Enclave best colony near South City Ludhiana will surely be at the top of your list.